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Galactic Federation vs. Galactic Federation of Light…Discernment, Discernment

Cosmic Awareness: Galactic Federation vs. Orion Empire
Once upon a time, the Galactic Federation consisted of 12 Humanoid Planets from Orion System, Pleiadians, Arcturian, Vegan, Andromedan… to Earth (Terra/Gaia).  Orion was the first humanoid planet, but because it wanted to dominate all, it dropped out of the Federation and started its own empire with the Reptilian Draco System, Zeta Reticuli, the Blue Dwarf beings and others. The Earth was considered the youngest of the 12 planets with human consciousness. Although, Federation of the 12 Planets was reduced to 11 Planets, a new member joined and took Orion’s place, and it was the Sirian Planet. This planet too had humanoid. Cosmic Awareness had mentioned that if Orion had stayed, it would have been 13 Humanoid Planets (and “13 being of course a magical and mysterious number”). Orion Empire and the Galactic Federation have fought for eons. (Pleidians had mentioned about this schism that happened over 300,000 years ago.) Thus, there’s constant tension and battle for the Earth up to this day.

Andromeda Council partners with Galactic Federation (GF), but not with Galactic Federation of Light (GFOL).  They clearly state that they do not affiliate with GFOL eventhough it too does exist.

The Andromeda Councils also consist of 12 Star Systems/Planets:
1.  Star System: Arcturus         Planet: Pitolla
2.  Star System: Antares
          Planet: Nikotae
3.  Star System: M103
             Planet: Legola
4.  Star System: Procyon
         Planet: Kaena
5.  Star System: Vega
             Planet: Percula
6.  Star System: Capella          Planet: Pershea

7.  Star System: Polaris  
         Planet: Ventra
8.  Star System: Sirius A
          Planet: Toleka
9.  Star System: Deneb       
     Planet: Ritol 
10. Star System: Tau Ceti         Planet: Xeta (Andromeda)

11. Star System: Alhena           Planet: Degaroth

12. Star System: Betelgeuse     Planet: Etorth

One of the affiliated councils is the  Galactic Federation  which  is  a  federation  of  star  systems  and  planets of benevolent beings.  The Galactic Federation is comprised of approximately 140 star systems, and at present 300 planets.  It is lead by a Chairman from the Tau Ceti star system which itself has a formal seat, is a senior chaired member of the Andromeda Council.  The Federation’s lead planet is – Xeta.

“The Galactic Federation of Light, also known as the Galactic Confederation of Light

“’…the Galactic Federation of Light, we know of them.  They have been around for about 1,000 years.  Yes, they are based in Sirius.  They started small and still only have a very limited number of planets involved in their group.  They are not a member of the Andromeda Council.   We have nothing to do with them.’

‘And, no, the Galactic Federation of Light   is not   the Galactic Federation.   Absolutely not.’


State-of-Ascension-Report-21: The Ascension Season 11.11.11 Is Opened.

Below are Callista’s & Georgi’s comments regarding channeling and the Galactic Federation.

Callista: I agree with you about the channelings – unfortunately for every good one there are a fistful of rather smelly ones, particularly coming from those who are aligned with the Galactic Federation of Light – very different from our own Galactic Federation. It is a measure of the integrity of those on our star ships that WE have to choose to go to them – through our portals. We actively and consciously move ourselves out of the 3D realm and into their’s. The other GF of Light is assuring everyone that they will be landing IN OUR 3D ENVIRONMENT and then all can come aboard. This is not consistent with true free will and it does not suggest that the boarders have to do anything of their own accord in order to board. To me this is inconsistent with Galactic Laws.

So, George, the question of off-planet aid is coming up in the minds of many and I am trying to clarify this situation for members of PAT.  As a secondary issue, Greg Z. also mentioned this in an email to me today Also, I wanted to make a comment on your vision of getting on a ship. I know many times George has said we won’t be going on ships and it’s a trick of the dark to make us think so. But you seem to be very intuitive and know how to protect yourself. Who knows if the vision was from your higher self or from an infiltrator to throw you off the path.

I have listened carefully to audios of Cosmic Awareness and it mentions the Galactic Federation, but it does not ever mention the Galactic Federation of Light.  According to Cosmic Awareness, representatives of the Galactic Federation are on board Elenin (Blue Karchina) in order to prepare mankind for ascension before the Red Katchina (Nibiru/Orion Reptilian) arrives in our atmosphere to further enslave Humanity.  According to Cosmic Awareness, the Galactic Federation is not permitted to land on this planet because the leaders of this planet are under the authority of the Orion/Reptilian Cabal.  Indeed, as Cosmic Awareness states, the Cabal recently tried to destroy Elenin, but this ship is still on course and is cloaked to prevent further attacks.  The Galactic Federation has as its mission, the caretaking and shepherding of Humanity in its various forms throughout the Universe/s. Therefore it seems logical to me that I would have the notion that I outlined in a previous email and which you have published in Ascension Report-18, that we would HAVE to go off-planet in order to meet up with our Galactic brothers and sisters who will aid us to prepare for the next phase of our mission.  This is, of course, the reason for our portals, which will take us through the lower astral realms with safety. As always I welcome your thoughts on this. Callista
Dear Callista,

I do not consider the mother ships of the GF as anything else, but interim levels or places before we enter the 5th level, where the souls dwell in an excarnated state. If you read my last letter to Craig about my duties as a soul guide in the dream state, it is this level where the souls come after death and where they are welcomed by soul guides and carefully guided to the their final destination. (from Georgi)
Dear George

Yes, but my point is that there is a difference between the Galactic Federation  and the Galactic Federation of Light – I believe the GF of Light is a rogue organisation who are responsible for the erroneous  channelings that abound which say that they are landing and saving the populace. Because of these erroneous channelings, people are lazily waiting to be rescued instead of preparing themselves for ascension. According to Cosmic Awareness the true GF is not allowed to land on the planet, therefore we need the portals to get to them, where, as you say, we are at an interim level until we know the next stage of our mission.  From there, some will go to Ascended Planet A and others will work on awakening the DNA of those left after the first wave of ascension, to ready them for the second wave. I know the whole planet is ascending, but surely its not ascending until after 2012 wave? Sorry if I am labouring the point but I am trying to get clarification. Callista
Dear Callista, Yes, I fully agree that the GF is not the rogue GFL, which is an invention of the dark ones, but this was not the topic of  my elaboration. Indeed, the GFL favours mass landing and evacuation. But this is so stupid that I never bother to discuss it even. (from Georgi)



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